Best Cashback Credit Card Singapore – How to always earn at least 5% cashback

Cards cards everywhere but which to use. This article is about how to clock the maximum rebates from your expenditure (note: only looking at rebate cards and no comparison to points)


Summary is that, there is a clear benefit to segregate your expenses according to the specific themes of the credit cards in order to attain the maximum cashback rebates from your expenditure.

Ideally, all your expenditure should be targeting at least 5% cashback rebates.

Themed Expenditure to get highest cashback Rebates

The following are the best cashback credit cards that I would recommend as follows,




Best Cashback Credit Card Singapore (highlighted in red)

Highlights of preferred Cash Back Rebate credit cards as follows,

Best Credit Card Singapore: Best Cashback Card
Best Cashback Credit Card Singapore – Key Takeaways
  • Up to 7% cash back rebates on certain “themed” expenditure or with certain requirements. Other than expenditure on petrol, where cash back rebates are pretty high, the range of cash back rebates from these rebate credit cards typically range from 3% to 10%, significantly better than the maximum 2.8% equivalent rebate that you can get from the accumulation of points and changing the points to vouchers.
  • Minimal cash back rebates if requirements not met. Note that if you spend outside the specific card merchants, categories or don’t meet certain expenditure requirements, the cash back rebates that you get are significantly less at between completely zero and 1%, significantly lower than the accumulation of points to exchange for vouchers.
  • Expenditure outside the 4 categories. For cash back rebates on expenditure outside the 4 categories, use the UOB One Credit Card. However, the requirement for this is that you will only get $30 / $80 / $150 Cash Back Rebate per quarter for expenditure of $300 / $800 / $1500 respectively for all months within that quarter (Note new tiers of $500 / $1000 / $2000 announced and will be effective Oct-2015)



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Cards cards everywhere but which to use. This article is about how to clock the maximum …

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