Best Petrol Credit Card Singapore – How to maximize your petrol savings

Best Petrol Credit Card Singapore: Summary
  • For petrol cards, it would largely depend on which is the petrol company you are using for your vehicle. The following are the best petrol credit cards in the market (in my opinion) as follows,
    • Caltex: UOB One card – 21.7%
    • Esso: DBS Esso card – 17.0%
    • Shell: Citibank Dividend card – 18.1%
    • SPC: UOB One card – 20.0%
    • Note: there may be other cards that give higher discounts but also come with much stricter requirements. For more details see pictorial summary and analysis below
  • All of these credit cards also require you to sign up for the petrol company loyalty cards so that you can enjoy the full cashback rebates from the credit cards. Note the cashback rebates listed below includes all the loyalty discounts from the petrol company.
  • Cashback rebates earned from using these credit cards are very substantial – over 15% cashback rebates. Always use the correct petrol credit card for your petrol expenditure.


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Best Petrol Credit Card

Note: In alphabetical order

Best Petrol Credit Card Singapore: Analysis and Details
  • Caltex: The best card for Caltex is the UOB One card (21.7% discount) with its highest discount and lower monthly minimum spend compared to the OCBC 365 card
  • Esso: The best card for Esso is the DBS Esso card (17% discount) – upfront savings, no spending requirements and allows DBS points to be earned. Comparatively, the OCBC 365 card and Citibank Dividend card both have a higher 18.3% discount for Esso but have other spending requirements as well as delayed cash rebates.
  • Shell: The best card for Shell is the Citibank Dividend card (18.1% discount) with easier requirements to meet. Discount of 19.2% with HSBC Premier card though is higher may be much more difficult to achieve with stricter spending requirements
  • SPC: The best card for SPC is the UOB One card (20% discount) with the expiry of the collaboration between Amex cards and SPC

 Note: Strict requirements for some of the credit cards listed in the pictorial diagram above. 


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