History of Oil: What can we learn?

History of Oil

With the interest in oil and the dramatic drop in prices by over 50% since Dec-2014 from USD100 per barrel to slightly under USD50 per barrel, it is also intriguing to understand the history of oil and what resulted in the growth of oil in the first place. This series of videos shows how the oil industry started in the 1800s and grew substantially over …

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How The Economic Machine Works

How the Economic Machine Works

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio An interesting video by Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates – one of the largest hedge funds in the world, who gives his advice and views about the economy (including how he views the economy to work in an easy to understand manner). Given that he at the age of 66 has been through his fair share of number …

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Global Financial Crisis 2008: Explained

Crisis of Credit

Global Financial Crisis of 2008 is Explained For those of you who want to understand more about the financial crisis, please see this very educational video on the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 by Jonathan Jarvis. The Crisis of Credit Visualized by Jonathan Jarvis Source: Crisis of Credit The Crisis of Credit Visualized: Summary Homeowners and investors (pension funds, insurance companies, mutual …

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