Travel Insurance Singapore: Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

The reason to buy travel insurance can be numerous and is something that one should definitely consider when travelling overseas. The reason of buying is not only a financial one – a hedge against the potentially high cost that you may incur for unexpected situations such as medical expenses, emergency expenses, travel inconveniences, rental excess or theft / burglary but also …

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Introduction of Firms selling Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Companies Singapore

There are numerous companies that offer travel insurance policies in Singapore as follows. Incredibly, after some research, there are at least 17 companies offering travel insurance products in the Singapore market. As far as I understand, these are the firms that have a decent footprint in the market – hence perhaps more reliable. No. Names of Policy Company 1 ACE ACE (Direct) …

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Travel Insurance in Singapore (and Promotions) Review and Comparisons

Best Travel Insurance Singapore

  NTUC is the most “well known” and common plan that most people will go for but if you dig a bit deeper, there are annual travel insurance plans that are as good by other companies and at cheaper pricing. With reference to the NTUC Income annual travel plan, do see table below for my top 2 recommendations from MSIG …

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