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Best Credit Card Singapore: The Ultimate Guide

Best Credit Card Singapore

A Credit Card to use for every occasion. Find out the the Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards in Singapore that allows you to maximize your expenditure, points and cashback rebates.   Best Credit Card Singapore: Preamble I am a credit card fanatic. I always try to maximize my usage of credit cards usage such that I can get maximum benefits – I …

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Best Petrol Credit Card Singapore – How to maximize your petrol savings

Best Petrol Cashback Credit Card

Best Petrol Credit Card Singapore: Summary For petrol cards, it would largely depend on which is the petrol company you are using for your vehicle. The following are the best petrol credit cards in the market (in my opinion) as follows, Caltex: UOB One card – 21.7% Esso: DBS Esso card – 17.0% Shell: Citibank Dividend card – 18.1% SPC: UOB One card – …

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Best Cashback Credit Card Singapore – How to always earn at least 5% cashback

Best Cashback Rebates Credit Card Singapore

Cards cards everywhere but which to use. This article is about how to clock the maximum rebates from your expenditure (note: only looking at rebate cards and no comparison to points) Summary is that, there is a clear benefit to segregate your expenses according to the specific themes of the credit cards in order to attain the maximum cashback rebates from your expenditure. …

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Best Credit Card for Miles / Points: How to easily earn a return trip to Japan EVERY YEAR for FREE

Best Points Credit Card Singapore

Cards cards everywhere but which to use. This article is about how to clock the maximum number of points from your expenditure to get miles / points (Note: only looking at points cards, no comparison to rebates) Summary is that, regardless of how points are calculated by banks or financial institutions, there is a clear benefit to segregate your expenses according to the …

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Limited Time Free Luggage Bags

Credit Card Promotions

CREDIT CARD PROMOTIONS Free Luggage Bags with the American Express Platinum Credit Card or the UOB Privi Miles Card American Express Platinum Credit Card: Arguably the best Lifestyle Card in Singapore (Click here for more details) with Palate Dining Privileges and FAR Card Dining Privileges. By paying the full annual fee, get (a) $50 Ding Tai Fung vouchers (for first 600 …

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Cash Back vs Points to Vouchers / Miles – What is the Best and Smartest?

Cash Back vs Points to Vouchers or Miles

So it comes to the end of the month and your credit card points are expiring. So which do I choose, Change them to vouchers where I can get immediate rewards; OR Change them to miles, so that I potentially use the miles to redeem a flight; OR In the first place, I should be spending on a cash back card so …

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The Curious thing about Banks and Credit Card Points

Banks and Credit Card Points

Read more to understand more about how points collection differ across financial institutions in Singapore Points collected on credit cards are either earned from expenditure of (a) $5 to get 1 point; or (b) $1 to get 1 point depending on the credit card company. However, though points are collected differently, the monetary value of rewards are similar and the aim is to achieve “multiplier” …

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How Credit Cards work and 3 Useful Credit Card Tips

How Credit Cards work

Understand how Credit Cards work and how you can use them smartly so as to maximize them I would strongly advise to use credit cards but do so, not only a disciplined manner but also wisely. Once you are able to learn this well, you will be able to reap significant rewards and benefits. 3 Tips to use Credit Card Smartly Using credit cards …

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