The Curious thing about Banks and Credit Card Points

Banks and Credit Card Points

Read more to understand more about how points collection differ across financial institutions in Singapore Points collected on credit cards are either earned from expenditure of (a) $5 to get 1 point; or (b) $1 to get 1 point depending on the credit card company. However, though points are collected differently, the monetary value of rewards are similar and the aim is to achieve “multiplier” …

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How Credit Cards work and 3 Useful Credit Card Tips

How Credit Cards work

Understand how Credit Cards work and how you can use them smartly so as to maximize them I would strongly advise to use credit cards but do so, not only a disciplined manner but also wisely. Once you are able to learn this well, you will be able to reap significant rewards and benefits. 3 Tips to use Credit Card Smartly Using credit cards …

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How The Economic Machine Works

How the Economic Machine Works

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio An interesting video by Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates – one of the largest hedge funds in the world, who gives his advice and views about the economy (including how he views the economy to work in an easy to understand manner). Given that he at the age of 66 has been through his fair share of number …

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Global Financial Crisis 2008: Explained

Crisis of Credit

Global Financial Crisis of 2008 is Explained For those of you who want to understand more about the financial crisis, please see this very educational video on the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 by Jonathan Jarvis. The Crisis of Credit Visualized by Jonathan Jarvis Source: Crisis of Credit The Crisis of Credit Visualized: Summary Homeowners and investors (pension funds, insurance companies, mutual …

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First Post

First Post -

Finance is something that you can’t live without in modern day Singapore. There are people that try and avoid it as much as possible but this avoidance cannot be permanent. At some stage in life, we are required to know more about Finance whether it is dealing with compulsory items like CPF or Tax, day to day items like credit cards or insurance or even longer term items …

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