Travel Insurance in Singapore (and Promotions) Review and Comparisons


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NTUC is the most “well known” and common plan that most people will go for but if you dig a bit deeper, there are annual travel insurance plans that are as good by other companies and at cheaper pricing. With reference to the NTUC Income annual travel plan, do see table below for my top 2 recommendations from MSIG and ACE / Amex.

Comparison of Insurance Policies


Best Travel Insurance Singapore Overall Top 2 picks. These packages are in my view a combination of both value and great benefits.

  • VoyageGuard (ACE / Amex) – Cheaply priced. At an equivalent price of $290 per annum (considering the 15% promotional price + additional 12.5% by way of Robinson Vouchers). VoyageGuard is one of the few policies that equates to an effective price of less than $300. Additionally, benefits are also good with high medical coverage, death insurance and one of the few policies where travel delay per hour is $200. Go to VoyageGuard website – Click Here.
  • MSIG (direct) – For the overall thrill seeker. At an equivalent price of $320 per annum (considering the 15% promotional price and $20 NTUC vouchers), this policy has the benefit of coverage for skiing, scuba diving and other adventurous activities, something most policies do not have. This would be one of my top picks too with generous benefits for belongings and coverage for adventurous sports. Go to MSIG website – Click Here.


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